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Port-A-Cool Unit Limited Warranty

(Also see owner's manual included with your product)


All Port-A-Cool® units are warrantied for one full year from date of purchase. This warranty covers defects in original material, workmanship, parts, and components. To ensure that the warranty is put into effect, be sure to submit the warranty registration online or complete the warranty card that is shipped with your unit. Please register online at Factory-authorized personnel will make the final determination concerning repairing or replacing parts or components based on customer claims.


The manufacturer of the variable speed (HP) motor offers a three year warranty on that part. The variable speed motor can be found in the following Port-A-Cool® models: PAC2K36HPVS, PAC2K24HPVS, PACJS1600, PACJS2400, and PAC2K16HPVS.


All transportation charges on parts submitted for replacement or repair under this warranty must be borne by the purchaser. PORT-A-COOL, LLC., will not be held liable for any incidental or consequential damages. This warranty is declared void if the equipment is found to have been misused, abused or tampered with by unauthorized personnel.