Port•A•Cool® 48" single speed, portable evaporative cooling unit.

The Port•A•Cool® PAC2K481S is the ultimate in evaporative cooling. With it's huge 48" fan the PAC2K482S is able to cool up to 370 square meters. Perfect for large areas such as manufacturing plants, mechanics' garages, barns, military bases, gymnasiums and other similarly large spaces.

The Port•A•Cool® PAC2K481S is simple to use in nearly any situation, requiring only a 115V electrical hookup and water in the 150 liter tank. The tank can easily be refilled with a regular garden hose.


  • MODEL* PAC2K481S
    Size 48”
    Speed 1
    m³ / hour 33 900
    Amps 12
    Dimensions [cm] 218x188x92
    Weight [kg] 156
    Reservoir [L] 150
    Area 370m²