Port-A-Cool Islander
Port-A-Cool Islander

Port-A-Cool Islander™

Outdoor restaurant patios and waiting areas will now have cool customers due to the full 360° coverage of the new Port-A-Cool Islander™!


Homeowners can now cool pool areas, decks and patios.


The tower design takes up much less space than standard fans or industrial evaporative coolers.


Tilt and roll feature makes moving the Port-A-Cool Islander from one area to another quick and easy.


Unlike any other cooling system.  Instead of a direct blast as with rotary fans, cool air cascades down from the top of the unit a full 360° emitting cool refreshing relief from the heat.


Digital controls for easy comfort settings.


All natural evaporative cooling creates cool air and can lower the temperature as much as 30° F.


Uses just tap water and a standard household 110v electrical outlet. No special wiring is needed. Just plug it in, add water and start cooling (requires an easy to assemble setup).

Save energy





                 4250 [m2/hour]

Cooling Capacity

                 56 [m2]

Water Reservoir



                 2230mm x 960mm x 960mm


                 Variable Electronic

Cord length

                 3 m