What is MEGAdome?

The MEGAdome is a perfectly constructed geodesic sphere like structure that is made up of a complex network of triangles that provide it remarkable strength and mobility.

The structure is a fully mobile and temporary structure and is therefore easily and quickly erected in just about any environment where it has the ability to withstand extreme winds and bad weather. The dome shape provides one of the strongest structures known to man and it is therefore that this type of building structure is used for extreme requirements worldwide.

The MEGAdome is covered with various different skins depending on the requirement and can accommodate temporary flooring, air-conditioning, sound & lighting together with a wide option on furnishing and staging. The MEGAdome is ideal for events, launches, conferences and functions.

MEGAdome Uses

MEGAdomes are versatile Mobile Event Venues that cater for any of the following:


  • Corporate Events

  • Conferences

  • Festivals

  • Exhibitions

  • Gala Dinners

  • Weddings / Parties

  • Restaurants / Bars

  • Chill out Lounges

  • Product Launches

  • Activations

  • Permanent Structures

Dome Sizes